The World in 2050: Future Technology technology in the future

by susquehanNAva

The World in 2050 Future Technology

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From things in the air, to new things for our bodies, join me as we explore 2050: What Would Be The Future Technology?
We are in the year 2020, and if we’re being honest with ourselves, technology is incredible advanced, and we’re making strides that can push things even farther. We have cars that are much safer than they’ve been in the past decade, and we’re even making fully electric cars that can help save the planet. There are even plans for self-driving cars and even self-driving Ubers that make the future of transportation very exciting. And that’s just ONE technology that we’re growing at a fast rate. What about all the others that are out there? What will technology be like as we get closer and closer to 2050?
Let’s start with one that well and truly could happen very soon, drones. ”
Let’s keep going with transportation, shall we? Right now, one of the biggest ways to get around the countries we live in are trains. Trains ferry people and all sorts of cargo around in an efficient and reliable manner, which is why they’ve been in use for hundreds of years. But…if we’re being honest here, while trains are efficient and reliable in certain ways…they aren’t exactly fast. Especially when it comes to passenger and freight trains. They can take a LONG time to get to their destinations and at times it’s more logical to take other modes of transportation.
Which is why companies are making special kinds of trains that can go MUCH faster. You know of the magnetic trains of Japan no doubt, but others like the V. Hyperloop are trying to push things even farther.
“Passengers or cargo are loaded into the hyperloop vehicle and accelerate gradually via electric propulsion through a low-pressure tube. The vehicle floats above the track using magnetic levitation and glides at airline speeds for long distances due to ultra-low aerodynamic drag.”
Science-fiction? Hardly, in fact, the first vehicle of the Hyperloop has already been tested and proven, and some larger tests are being scheduled for the next few years. And if this works, traveling across the country will be MUCH faster. How much faster? The hyperloop aims to send people shooting across the tubes that they make at a rate of about 600 miles per hour.

Ok, we’ve had some fun ones, but now let’s go deeper down the rabbit hole and talk about the ones we all fear…A.I. Yep, artificial intelligence, and no matter what way you look at it, people are seriously trying to make it happen, and make it happen soon. AI’s are literally everywhere, including in your cars, and in your homes via devices like Alexa (which are indeed forms of AI), and there are things like Watson that is so smart that it could beat two Jeopardy Legends.

Mars seems to be the place where many feel we can go in order to live amongst the stars. And many speculate that by 2030 at the latest (barring setbacks, accidents, and other things obviously) we could not only be colonizing Mars, but having regular shuttles go there so that people can see the red planet for themselves.
“We will see first people going off to mars, and then robots will do some basic stuff like making basic materials [on Mars,]” Pearson said. “We’re going to have to do that because only so much can be brought to space.”
Of course, there are numerous things that need to be worked out before such a thing could happen, but we have “Top Men” on this, including Elon Musk and the Space X program, Jeff Bezos via his Blue Origin company and more.
Alright, now let’s dive into something REALLY sci-fi…prosthetics. Yeah, I know that RIGHT NOW prosthetics are very limited, and at times…a bit pointless. But IF we were able to fully utilize computer technology to its fullest and make prosthetics that are fully compatible with the human brain and body, then the sky is the limit. We could enter an age where cyborgs are not just welcome, they’re commonplace.

Think about it like this, what if the clothes you were wearing right now felt the same, looked the same, but could do more? With the growth of nanotechnology, your clothes could potentially be imbued with various materials or technologies that help you improve your strength, durability, and more.
virtual reality simulations come through as many expect them to, it could lead to all sorts of innovations in the classrooms that could help kids what’s going on.

The World in 2050 Future Technology .

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The World in 2050: Future Technology

The World in 2050: Future Technology

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The World in 2050: Future Technology
technology in the future
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Insane Curiosity 14/12/2021 - 7:19 Chiều

Can you guess which of these things we'll actually have in 2050? What thing do you personally want to have now and not later?
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Nutzer_ 124875 14/12/2021 - 7:19 Chiều

I Hope my asshole will be fixed by than..

gerard . A 14/12/2021 - 7:19 Chiều

I have seen videos of the 50s talking about the future in 2000 , we are in 2021 !!! I haven’t seen flying cars !!! Mars colonies !!!! Humanoids !!!! Light speed crafts !!! Oh peaceful world and free energy 😂😂😂😂, my electric bill just doubled this winter because of natural gas shortage !!! And yea they just reopened a coal station in England to produce electricity 🤪🤪🤪🤪, so just dream , the world will only get worst , the problem is not in technology , it’s the peoples greed :-/ . Everything may change but human nature will just get worst , that I promise 🙂 . So just hang tight …. The future is here 🙂

Technology Curious 14/12/2021 - 7:19 Chiều

I love your videos

world peace needed asap 14/12/2021 - 7:19 Chiều

No thanks

el cumbion 14/12/2021 - 7:19 Chiều

god i hated that video

Titchy-core 14/12/2021 - 7:19 Chiều

what about flappy bird no phone no mobile games

M & M 14/12/2021 - 7:19 Chiều

The most exciting thing by far will be to see if AI can actually become conscious. Can it or can’t it? The answer to this will completely change the way we think about ourselves.

LongBeachHippyslideshows9©8©2 14/12/2021 - 7:19 Chiều

Imagine one of the routes with drones in the future go through your backyard and you see and hear thousands of drones daily

Janith Madusanka 14/12/2021 - 7:19 Chiều

This link have future technology, funny

Arif farhat 14/12/2021 - 7:19 Chiều

2050 will be like that only for the rich, now and the future will not change for the poor

Ravi Gupta 14/12/2021 - 7:19 Chiều


Jesse Louko 14/12/2021 - 7:19 Chiều

3:12 fuck yeah its FINLAND!!!!.

Korsalath 14/12/2021 - 7:19 Chiều

5:20 i don't fear AI, its just the idiots that do

Manojkumar Kumar 14/12/2021 - 7:19 Chiều

Khoda phar nikla chuha

spurthi CHADHARAM 14/12/2021 - 7:19 Chiều

Thank you I think we can shall may vphv understand the importance and value of manual hardwork concentration grasping and writing with hands……………………also the most important thing is to understand the speed of working or reading or writing number of words or files in an hour as over stressing / understressing can be injurious to health……………………

homebrewGT 14/12/2021 - 7:19 Chiều

Honestly technology has been advancing very slowly lmao. Nothing sooooo crazy.

Marek Zalipski 14/12/2021 - 7:19 Chiều

Clothes discredit a little …
If we are already talking about technology, one by one
The point and gist of this section should be materials science

materials that kill fungal spores
acting as a deodorant …

Something like Adaptiv from BAE but on a scale of
mirco-nano photonics

there will certainly be no T-shirt to stop the 7.62/39
the projectile will still transfer energy to the skeletal system …

it may come back to earth thanks to space exploration

X and gamma ray absorbing fibres made of a material based on Chernobyl mushrooms
In the case of radiotherapy or the use of the "atom" for health purposes, it makes sense, as does the operation of a reactor or the exposure of flight crews

sticcminute 14/12/2021 - 7:19 Chiều

We will have flying cars in 2020

Yeah barely even learning to wear a mask what a bright future we will have guys(sarcasm)

Blue Sky 14/12/2021 - 7:19 Chiều

For my understanding, a tattoo can replace a technology parts or relate to that people personality or somethings that he could dreams of, or tattoo can be change to a phone can talk to, or maybe tattoo can be in use in VR game or realistic gaming part on the game, just saying.


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