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Marketing is booming and you can make a killing as a professional as a marketer. But if you’re trying to learn marketing by just Googling stuff, things are going to be very confusing. You’ll get conflicting advice from different websites and you’re just going to be like, “Oh my God, I’m going to give up.” So today I’m going to break down the best free resources for you to learn marketing so you can hit the ground running and jumpstart your marketing career. Today I’m going to break down free resources to learn marketing in 2021, digital marketing courses and certifications.

Learn SEO For Free! How to Jumpstart Your SEO Career Without Spending a Dime [2020 Edition] :
How to Learn SEO: My Secret Method For Search Engine Optimization :
Google’s Online Marketing Challenge –
Social Media 101 course by Constant Contact –
HubSpot Academy –
Google Skillshop –
SEMrush Academy –
Facebook Blueprint –
Internet Marketing for Smart People –

The first place that you can learn about online marketing is Google’s Online Marketing Challenge.

This is a course that’s probably one of the most comprehensive out there for beginners. Not only does it give students real-world experience into marketing, but it also offers a global academic panel which is essentially modules that cover various aspects of digital marketing that are taught by top academic panelists.

Students then get to work with nonprofit companies to build online advertising campaigns. They’re given a budget of $10,000. Students compete to show off their best advertising skills, which isn’t expected to be much as this is for beginners.

The next one is Social Media 101 course by Constant Contact.

This course essentially teaches you step-by-step on how to build your social media presence across various platforms, using what you learned on channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google My Business, Snapchat and even YouTube.

The next one for you, HubSpot Academy.

HubSpot Academy offers digital marking courses in nearly every subject, even allows you to get a certification when you’re finished with the course. That’ll look great on your resume. From advertising to growth marketing all the way to website design, HubSpot offers a plethora of different design courses for digital marketing beginners.

The next one for you, Google Skillshop.

It’s Google’s official platform where you can learn how to do marketing using Google’s products like Google Ads, Waze, Google Analytics and Google My Business. You can essentially learn how to run paid ads on Google’s platforms like search, display, network, their mobile ads, while you’re learning how to do marketing for local businesses and measure the results within Google Analytics. A good example of this is you can learn how to run ads within Gmail.

The next one, SEMrush Academy.

A lot of people use SEMrush as an SEM content marketing tool but many of them don’t know that it goes above and beyond the basics. There are tons of other features in there like they’ll even tell you traffic that a website has, demographic information and the list keeps going on and on. Their training offers both basic and advanced concepts so it works for both beginners and pros, they can all benefit from this.
It’s free and they offer certification as well.

The next course for you, Facebook Blueprint.

This is Facebook’s official training that’ll walk you through some of the different topics on marketing on Facebook and Instagram. It ranges from creating ads to managing your Instagram business account. Much like some of the other sources I’ve shared, this platform is great for beginners and advanced marketers where they can learn a lot because Facebook really goes into the nuances of how to use their platform.

Copyblogger also offers a course, it’s called Internet Marketing for Smart People.

Copyblogger has been around for a lot of years, they have a lot of high-quality content on blogging and content marketing. It includes cool things like direct response copywriting and coming up with offers that you can sell to your audience.

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FREE Resources to Learn Marketing in 2021 | Digital Marketing Courses and Certification

FREE Resources to Learn Marketing in 2021 | Digital Marketing Courses and Certification

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FREE Resources to Learn Marketing in 2021 | Digital Marketing Courses and Certification
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You can see a lot of useful information here: see more here
You can see a lot of useful information here: see more here

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mortuza dipu 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

thanks for share those information

the Virtual Jenn 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

As always Neil you provide such great value – love how you simplified the complicated. I just did a video on if digital marketing certifications are worth it – I'm always aspiring to be more like Neil! LOL

learn maurya ji 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Like who want complete digital marketing book
by Neil patel

Art by Uzma 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

PLEASE ! do leave your words.
For learning book marketing and online marketing to work as a freelance marketing strategist, do you suggest going for an MBA?

Nafi Bin Zafar 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Do I must have a business to start digital marketing? Or I can promote other people's products and gain a commission?

Isaac Mwangaza 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

thanks Neil this is super helpful

Superheroes cape 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Hello Sir, video was amazing! I'm Debanjan Bhowmik and I'm following you from around 3-4 years. I'm a big fan of yours!

Now I decided to switch my career from philosophy to digital marketing. Beacause I am passionate about this. I started learning from various sources. I'll definitely check out all of your references.

Sir, I know this question is irrelevant for this video, but I wanted to ask you a question that, as earlier I said, I was a philosophy student. I don't have any marketing background, I don't have any BBA or MBA degree.

Can I just jump into digital marketing career right away or do I have to have a MBA degree to get a digital marketing job?

Thanks a lot Sir ❤️ I will prey to the all mighty GOD for you and your family's sound mind and body.


Abul Quasim 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

From where to learn marketing to start our own start up and any books recommended

Devang k videos 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

U r my inspiration ….I want to become like u in marketing ❤️✨

Emmanuel Emedoro 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

One of the best videos I have watched on Youtube. Thanks a lot.

Daliaadelmorgan Awad 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Thank you for information , please can make videos of subtitles

Anjali Prajapati 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

thank you

Spanish Classes 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

I gave you a LIKE!

A 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

How much is the learn digital fundamentals of digital marketing certificates?

noor saba 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

This video appeared in my search results in time. I am about to start working for a company as a marketeer.

Star Beauty Body & Browz show 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Hi Iam a new business owner looking to learn digital marketing in order to promote my own business mainly, any tips on how to start?

rawBin 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Thank you so much Guru g 🙏
i was looking for it !

Mysha Rahman 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Can fresh grads do this? I see they only have students 🙁

Maulik 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Is Google skillshop certificate free ?

Vinayak Nimavat 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

This was amazing! Most valuable content one can find around digital marketing on Youtube. I can't thank you enough Neil. God bless you.

Saviour Ukpong 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Wow, thanks neil.

cestladope 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Google's Online Marketing Challenge is ONLY open to university students. I wonder if Microsoft has a similar program for Bing that isn't inadvertently ageist. Seeing that Bill Gates plays up his philanthropy quite a bit, this should be a thing.

Vee Tech 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Good content. New subscriber. Thanks Bro👍🏽

Digital Marketing 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

thanks you neil

Fervenne Mempin 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Thank you!

abdelmalek zebbar 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

I feel compelled to say thank you! This is just what I needed!

Amit Maurya 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Hi Neil Sir, I'm from India, You're really a great Teacher.
I'm a computer Engineer but things doesn't goes well, i want to switch or start a career in digital marketing,
I watch your videos 1yr back and now I'm stand on same point again,
Is it good to having a knowledge of digital marketing first and doing a job for gaining experience in Marketing firm or company and then start my own brand or start my own website or own brand from start because i want to be my own boss just like you. I didn't have any job right now. And what step-by-step process required for this?
What steps should be taken from your own perspective?
I'm waiting for your view on this
Thanks alot❤️

sachin jha 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Hello Neil such a nice video you have made, I am from India, could you please make a video on , free digital marketing projects for beginners. As industry prefers only experienced person for a job.

Hemant Parmar 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Sir pl change the session in hindi🙏

Sumanth Kumar 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Thank you, this really helps

Digital Marketing Service 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

the great and important video

Rim 16 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Hey i had tried making an account in hubspot academy but it asked me for a company’s domain. I’m a student so I don’t know how to log in now

Hasan Panjri 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Which book we can refer to learn step by step digital marketing from beginner to advanced level

Manaswini Palagummi ❤️💛 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Thank you so much. I was so confused and did not know what to do.

Subhash Kasuvojula 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

They are not free
Hubspot and Constant contact

Sakeena Andrade 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Thanks for these gems! 💎

Arko_halder4 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều


Kurts magic 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

I wanna learn DM from ur channel . Please let me know from where to start as m a beginner . Thanks in advance

Auburn Wedding Photography & Videography 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Great video on Free Resources to Learn Marketing in 2021. Totally Appreciate, Neil Patel! A year ago, I was able to invest in Ippei Kanehara's program before the crises arrived basically they do generate leads for small businesses through helping the client create their own sites. Now, I am happy with my Digital Real Estate business that's been giving me $15,000/ monthly.

Oladiji Wusu 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Please what do you think about simplilearn marketing

Oladiji Wusu 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Neil this is amazing

Karim Tawfik 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Thank you for your content, Can you please confirm if DMI AMA is the best certificate in the industry

Cioza Oluoch 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Thank you this was very encouraging and educative.

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Thank you for sharing such a valuable information !

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shravan Vishwakarma 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Hello neil sir I am so much inspired by you ,I just want to learn digital marketing from scratch step by step , how many topics are in digital marketing ,I just want you just be my mentor to life changing thank you once again

santosh gupta 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

Hey Neil Thanks for the great video . I just came across this video by chance ( or say by algorithme). Is it possible to get in touch with you?

Gunjan Jain 17/12/2021 - 5:19 Chiều

How can i book a consultation call with you?


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