10 Coolest Gadgets 2021 That Are Worth Buying technology gadgets 2021

by susquehanNAva

Get ready to check out some awesome new products, such as a tactical pen that could save your life, and even a mini fridge that you can take in your car! This is FutureTech.

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0:00 (Preview)
0:26 Cap Launcher Bottle Opener – (Paid Link)
0:57 imagiCharm – (Paid Link)
1:48 TPX20 Titanium Tactical Pen – Link) (Preview)
2:39 Ryze Tech Tello – (Paid Link)
3:32 Norshire Mini Tire Inflator – (Paid Link)
4:34 Chefman Mini Fridge – / (Paid Link)
5:26 Microblade Pill Ti – (Preview)
6:17 SPYFINDER PRO – (Paid Link)
7:10 RaceMouse –
7:54 Nimble – (Paid Link)

Lensko_Lets –

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10 Coolest Gadgets 2021 That Are Worth Buying

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10 Coolest Gadgets 2021 That Are Worth Buying
technology gadgets 2021
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Poorvi Hegde 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

"Designed keeping young women in mind, helping to teach young girls the important of tech in modern world". Excuse me what? Can't believe this is actually their marketing line. Young girls know tech just as well or better as young guys, thank you very much.

Robert Logan 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

No more cameras in tanning beds ladies. Looks like your free ticket to the sausage show is over. Perverts.

Robert Logan 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

Aircraft quality titanium! Say no more I'm $old. Thought it was that cheap ass titanium that they used to make you know that made all those planes crash back when we didn't know better. Hell ya

Marie 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

The IMAGICHARM was built for woman so that they can learn coding? WTF Dude, wtf. Immediate dislike.

Its tiger1 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

Dude I can’t wait idk if this is already a thing but when they make a monitor that is made out of glass call me 🤙

Harper Martin 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

Jesus is King! If you do not know Jesus as Savior please pray, “ Jesus save me. At this moment I choose to have faith that You gave Your life for me and rose from the dead. Doing this You defeated death, even though it meant You had to die. You surrendered Your life for me, so I chose to surrender my life to You. Forgive me Jesus, my God. Amen.”

Jesus loves you so much. Please accept His love. I encourage you to read the Bible and pray.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only begotten Son into this world, that whoever believes that in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
John 3:16


Jesus is enough!

Again I tell you, Jesus loves you!

99 Degrees 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

Camera in a cofee lid

pigeon 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

you monster! how could you waste bottle caps as ammo?! you can just buy a gun isntead of troying money at trash cans and people

AllYourBaseAre BelongToUs 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

That ANTIFA pen is pretty cool

world economic forum 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

Ppl in 1888: surely flying cars will be commercialized in 2021.

2021: here's a bottle opener that launches the bottle cap(amazing!!!)

Mfw our future stinks: -_-

General Ralph 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

War is hell.

inayat 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

Nice 👌


Ivan Benja 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

Microblade just copied Xiaomis logo

Queenbee202 Rose 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

That was truly awesome

Merlin 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

5:26 great l literally made for prisoners

ƧЦVIDΉ 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

The second one is super sexist, or maybe you just are. Why just for girls?

Tape05 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

In what scenario are you writing while getting wet?

Emmanuel Flores 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

Wanna buy some garbage? All this products here is what you buying garbage.

Mania Gadgets 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều


Wild Cats Life 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

Non of this useful .

Cupcakes 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

Can someone tell me what the intro music is please?

Sam Childers 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

Those were the coolet things ever! Lol

Don toth 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

How much did WISH pay you to make this video….. GTFO 😂

Alexander Hurley 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

5:13 … :with the simple SLIF of a switch" lawl ight I'm outtie five thousie ✌

HEHOPMALEH 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

John Wick's Titanium Pen

Pedro Claro 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

I was really interested in the pen, but for 100$ i could buy five other quality tactical pens and a case to prevent them from rusting and other issues, keep them in there for my lifetime and take one out each ten years.
Absurd price

Nikolai Stoimenov 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

What a scam

mehdi palani 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

This guy needed a reminder on his mini fridge that his final assignment was due today 😂😂😂

Mi mi 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

Really? The charm… Designed with women in mind to teach them the importance of tech in the modern world?? How condescending can you be?

Engineer Zubair 17/12/2021 - 5:07 Chiều

every pound is a seedling, invest your seedling to creat a tree,re-invest your seedling to creat a forest. to become rich you must value savings more than spending


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